Workplan Workplan

The Workplan is designed to maximise knowledge transfer to ICPC countries with the aim of installing local infrastructures connected to European e-infrastructures and with applications ported to the combined infrastructure.

Hence we have defined the following work packages:

WP1. Management: Management of the project.

WP2. Infrastructure support: This work package is designed to technically support the setting up and operation of new desktop grids, especially in ICPC countries. Both local desktop grids, inside organisations such as universities and research institutes, and public volunteer desktop grids will be supported. This work package will provide and support desktop grid related software distributions (such as the SZTAKI BOINC distribution and XtremWebHEP-E distribution), and will assist with their installation and the provision of technical support during their operation.

WP3. Application support: The Application Support Service activity of the EDGeS project has ported and deployed over 20 scientific applications utilised by European user communities to the combined SG/DG platform. These applications are available for use in ICPC countries. That activity has also developed a generic application porting methodology and documentation framework (EADM – EDGeS Application Development Methodology) to support the migration of applications to EDGeS. The major aim of WP3 is, by building on the above results of EDGeS, to identify user communities in ICPC countries, and support them in porting, validating, deploying and operating their applications on the SG/DG infrastructure.

WP4. Communication, dissemination, and community management: WP2 and WP3 provide the technical environment for the combined European- ICPC DCI infrastructure. WP4 is designed to create awareness amongst all possible stakeholders, to recruit new resource providers, new grid operators, new application developers, and new scientific users. It will also disseminate project results and provide training. An important activity will be the creation and further development of a community (based on and in collaboration with) the existing the EDGeS Industry and User Forum. The community will allow stakeholders to exchange experiences. It will also be a focal point for dissemination activities. The community will get the form of an International Desktop Grid Federation.