Objectives Objectives

Main objective: Expand European DCIs into ICPC countries by supporting the creation of new Desktop Grids for e-Science in those countries and in Europe and by connecting them using the EDGeS bridge technology. Support applications on this expanded infrastructure, disseminate, promote and provide training about this expanded infrastructure and its usage.

1)Enable the existing EDGeS combined infrastructure (involving Desktop Grids and gLite-based Service Grids, including EGEE, EELA2 and SEE-Grid) to continue expanding internationally into ICPC countries

2)Create an International Desktop Grid Federation as focal point for DCI operators and Application developers. This will be open for individuals and for organisations in research and industry. The federation will be an expansion of the already existing EDGeS Industry and User Forum

3)Based on mutually harmonized policies, provide access for research communities to this e-Infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of nodes, particularly via scientific gateways. Provide recommendations on how this can be achieved

4)Support the coordinated maintenance and operation of middleware software and tools (DG-SG bridge, DG Servers, special VOs, repositories, scientific gateways) by establishing a new expert group/center of operators, administrators, and middleware developers

5)Attach new Grids to the distributed infrastructure applying the newly elaborated best practices, road maps and policies, which will be continuously enhanced based on the monitoring and assessment of the processes

6)Define methods (based on standards and best practices) that can support end-users and the porting activities of new applications to the Grid with special focus on regional/2ndlevel helpdesks, the infrastructure specific application validation procedure in collaboration with ETICS (or similar) service providers, and the maintenance of repository

7)Promote and disseminate the use of Desktop Grids, Service Grids and the use of EDGeS connected infrastructure at regional (NGI) and annual global (EGI, OGF) events

8)Set up and maintain collaborations with other existing and emerging Distributed Computing initiatives, application porting groups, and industrial partners with e-Science background

9)Provide feedback and recommendations to the EC, to the NGIs, and to funding agencies and other stakeholders also in ICPC countries, regarding the establishment and operation of EDGeS-like infrastructures in most sustainable ways, especially when multiple countries are involved.