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"My Green City" project regional finalist for Google Science Fair 2012

The local team of the SLinCA-supporters - who were consulted by Yuri Gordienko from  G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics (IMP) of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine - has become one of the regional finalists in the European region in the Google Science Fair 2012. Judges selected 90 projects out of thousands of others, sent out from more than 100 countries around the world. The idea behind the SLinCA-supporters' team project "My Green City" can briefly be expressed by the slogan: "From volunteer Grid-calculations to volunteer scientific Grid measurements".

"My Green City" team: Milena Klimenko, Nikita Gordienko, Alexey Kozlov (left to right) with logos

The whole activity was inspired by the current DEGISCO and IDGF activities and Gordienko's proposition to the team to participate in socially important research, namely to the ecology of the big city. This research  is an off-spin of Gordienko's application City Population Dynamics and Growth (CPDynSG). The team consists of 3 students (13 years) from two different secondary schools 200 and 142 in Kiev, Ukraine: Alexey Kozlov, Milena Klimenko, Nikita Gordienko, who were coached by Yuri Gordienko.