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IDGF demonstrations at the award-winner booth of MTA SZTAKI at FET

This year 'The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition' (FET11, attracted more than 1000 participants between 4-6 May 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. MTA SZTAKI ( presented its latest joint achievements with its collaborating partners including (among others) the e-Infrastructure related efforts for science; such as the International Desktop Grid Federation (IDGF,, the interoperation of volunteer projects with the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI,, and the digital watermarking Facebook application of WEB2GRID project (  
Robert's robot looking at what to do with his idle processor time
from Desktop Grid Federation on Vimeo.

The three teams together from MTA SZTAKI (Booth #16) were awarded by the European Commission based on the votes of visitors (sponsored by ERCIM). The exhibitor team has received the Exhibit Third Price for the booth 'Future technologies to support collaborative solutions for grand challenges (Biological water safety, Augmented collaboration, e-Infrastructures for science)' by Szabolcs Tokes, Peter Galambos, Robert Lovas et al. ( The exhibition had a great outcome: Three new organisations decided to join IDGF, several new volunteers joined the SZTAKI Desktop Grid project, and several new applications have been identified to be ported on the EDGI ( and DEGISCO ( infrastructures in the near future.